Expo Floorplan and Exhibitors

PRGE 2018 will be held in Halls D & E at the south end of the Oregon Convention Center. Click the images below to enlarge the PRGE 2018 exhibitor hall floorplans, or you can click the links below the maps to download in PDF format. Scroll down below the floorplans for the exhibitor key. The floorplans are subject to change

For more detail on the venue layout and the locations of elevators, ATMs and other facilities, there is an interactive map of the Oregon Convention Center is available on their web site. .

Updated on 9/21/2018


PRGE 2018 Master Floorplan

Download a printable version of this floorplan in PDF format »

Show Floor

PRGE 2018 show floor

Download a printable version of this floorplan in PDF format »

Exhibitor Key

Booth location numbers can be identified on the floorplan above. The "Swap Space" is located in meeting rooms D131-D132 just of the Ginkoberry Plaza.

ExhibitorBooth Location
1UP Games421
2.5d Dioramas420
A Nova Print340/341
Alís Music, Video, & Games615
Anime World240
Another Castle Videogames410
Arcade Shopper412
Back in Time Gaming602/603
BB's Shack535
Billy Galaxy323
Birdzilla Studios526
Bites On The Go434
Black Cat Jewelry and Gifts621/623
BonkersYounkers - Customizable Fleece Blankets501
Boss Fight Books/Chris Kohler525
Brandi York Fine Art and Random Geekery538
Brandon Williams513
Brett Weiss612
Burnt Pixels433
BuzzBuzz Games423
Cash-In Culture532
Castlemania Riggs270
CD Game Exchange171
Charlie Donkin ArtSwap Space
Charles Dysert330
Cheep Cheep Import GamesSwap Space
Cheerful Ghost619
Choni Draws524
Chris Pfanner413
Christa D Designs342
Chronos Games and Gifts 260
Classic and Oddities100
Classic Tetris World Championships4000
Clevermoore Projekt510
Collector's Quest PodcastSwap Space
Courtney Hiersche312
D-Pad Retro Gaming250
Dancing Heron332
Darrin Peloquin400
Delco Land Games544/546
Diane Beck's Creations322
Digital NewtronSwap Space
Discount Laser Disc523
Double Jump Video Games310
Drew Kearns512
EON Gaming HDMI adapters4400
Epic Gaming Tournament Arena2600
Extra Life511
Forever Games 522
Free Geek4200
Friday Afternoon Tea606
Galaxy Games528
Gambit's Cards and Hobbies440
Game Nerdz R US161
Game Over Arcade2900
Game Over Videogames431
Game Quest/Merge Games300
Game Swappers162
Game Tower506
Gamebound Video Games263
Gamers in Control314
Gary Taylor320
Geek Girl Stuff404
Geek It Up605
GeekStar Costuming604
Geeky Caticorn614
Gentleman GamerSwap Space
Grace Works Iinteractive313
Green Pipe Games333
Ground Kontrol Retro Arcade3100
Guardian Games163
Hills of ComicsSwap Space
Home of the future411
Hood's Hellions Halo Group505
Import Collective200
Infinite NES Lives508
Insurrection Industries101
Intellivision Entertainment303
Jeffrey Wittenhagen613
John Hancock (The Immortal)321
John Masterson542
JustWhartonSwap Space
Katie Clark Art324
Legendary GamesSwap Space
Lili Neko610
Limited Run Games262
Long Neck Games543
Lost Levels533
Marc Ericksen105
Marc Erickson110
Marco Specialties2800
Married Guy Gamer515
Mel Paradise611
Melissa Bernard618
Michelle Denneg334
Modular 8503
MsClassyNESSwap Space
Murder of Crows Console Gaming4500
Murder of Crows Xbox Arena3200
Nerd Wood Designs261
Next Level Arcade2500
Northwest Retro Computing and Video Game Club301
Old School Gamer Magazine160
Opcode Games624
Orien StudiosSwap Space
Pink Gorilla415
Pixel Party530
Play It Retro /We Play Games/We Buy Games400
Portland Arcade Collectors2900
Portland Comunity College4300
Power Up Videogames106
PRGE Merchandise Booth3800
Quarter World2500
R H Potter521
R2D2 by Scott Boothby4100
Radio Shack Color Computer Hardware & SoftwareSwap Space
Respawn GamesSwap Space
Retro City Games335
Retro Edition Games540/541
Retro Fix Video Games500
Retro Game & Toy Exchange425
Retro Game Trader607
RetrowaveSwap Space
Ria Art WorldSwap Space
Robo V Dino620
Rocket 88 Designs442
Rockhart Clothing405
Shaun Lublink518
Shirt Nerdery529
SKG Retrogaming424
Specialty Gamer130
Spooky Swirl Arts432
Star Wars Artist Jason Christman 402
Stargazer Creative Solutions509
State Farm201
Steve Lopez403
Steven Johnson331
Stupid Geeks Inc302
Super Smash Games140
Tapper's Retro Games and Toys.414
The Card Cafe441
The Geek Emporium401
The Gorgonist332
The Legend of Games325
The Nintendo Doctor315
The Place 4 Gamers210
The Raindrop Studio517
The Unipiper536
The Yetee435
Tim Duarte531
Ty Judd609
UFO Plushies519
Vince Price625
Wata Games205
Watch out for Fireballs626
William Weichold608
Windy Games/Arcade271
Wirt the Peg-Peg-Legged Boy537
Wooden Arcade514
Youtuber Meet & Merch3500
ZB Games 311