2018 PRGE Panel Descriptions

Metal Jesus Rocks at PRGE 2015
John Hancock, Reggie Williams, Kinsey Burke and Jason Lindsey at the Metal Jesus Rocks panel in 2015.

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8-BIT APOCALYPSE: The Untold Story of Atari's Missile Command

Speakers: Alex Rubens
Description: Join Alex for a sneak peak at his newly released book which includes interviews with industry experts including Nolan Bushnell, David Theurer and Phil Klemmer. Alex examines the cultural impact of Missile Command.

A Localization Is You!

Speakers: Chris Pranger, Joey DeSena, Norman Caruso
Description: Join Norman "The Gaming Historian" Caruso, Joey "Roo" DeSena, and former Nintendo Treehouse writer Chris Pranger as they discuss video game localization's past, present, and possible future. We promise you won't feel asleep!

Atari Aniversary Series Panel

Atari & Friends Act I

Speakers: David Crane, Gary Kitchen, Rebecca Heineman, Jennell Jaquays, Dan Kitchen
Description: In the first Act of three, join Atari Alumni, David Crane, Gary Kitchen, Jennell Jaquays, Rebecca Heineman and Dan Kitchen. Discussions will include working for Atari, the video game industry as a whole and whatever other questions you present to them. Additional alumni and special speakers may join them as well.

Atari Aniversary Series Panel

Atari & Friends Act II

Speakers: Howard Scott Warshaw, Rob Zdybel, Ed Rotberg, Matt Householder
Description: In the second Act of three, join Atari Alumni, Howard Scott Warshaw, Rob Zdybel, Ed Rotberg and Matt Householder. Discussions will include working for Atari, the video game industry as a whole and whatever other questions you present to them. Additional alumni and special speakers may join them as well.

Atari Aniversary Series Panel

Atari & Friends Act III

Speakers: Bob Smith, Tod Frye, Pam Smith, Wilfredo Aguilar
Description: In the final act, join Atari Alumni, Bob Smith, Tod Frye, Pam Smith and Wilfredo Aguilar. Discussions will include working for Atari, the video game industry as a whole and whatever other questions you present to them. Additional alumni and special speakers may join them as well.

The Bits of Yesterday

Speakers: Darrin Peloquin
Description: Join Director Darrin Peloquin for a special screening of his film, The Bits of Yesterday. This panoptic documentary on the niche culture of the retro video game collector follows gaming enthusiasts and fans as they relive their childhood memories, make new ones and champion to keep an antiquated media format alive.

Breaking the Seal

Speakers: Josh Hamblin and "Radical" Reggie Williams
Description: Josh (The Gamefather) and Radical Reggie will be hosting a panel discussing a wide variety of topics including some controversial topics such as grading new old stock, game raffle groups. Each one will share some of their craziest stories in the game industry ie pickups/sales etc. They will be hosting a special session of "Break that Seal" where someone from the audience will get to open and keep the game! They will be taking questions from the audience as well so start thinking of your questions now. As always they will have a variety of prizes for members of the audience. Don't miss out as they normally go all out for those who attend!

Pinball Series Panel

Building and Hacking Pinball with Ben Heckendorn

Speaker: Ben Heckendorn
Description: Join Ben Heckendorn as he shares tips and tricks for hacking pinball machines and creating your own. You'll learn about Ben's PinHeck pinball system plus other special creations he has made.

Coin Talk

Speakers: Ian Eure Description: Asteroids missing in a black hole? Mario missing his Bros? Ms. Pac Man escaped the maze? Breakout bricked? Fear not, classic arcade podcasters the Coin Rejects are here to help you get your game running again. Bring your stories of arcade troubles and join us as we try and diagnose your problems.

Podcast Series Panel

Completely Unnecessary Podcast LIVE!

Speakers: Pat "The NES Punk" Contri and Ian Ferguson Description: Join Pat "The NES Punk" Contri and Ian Ferguson as they host a live presentation of their popular Completely Unnecessary Podcast, covering gaming, movies, comics, and the latest geek topics. They will be celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the podcast!

YouTube Series Panel

The Completionist

Speaker: Jirard Khalil
Description: The Completionist web series follows Jirard Khalil as he completes a new game every week, ranging from casual games to hardcore games. Back for another year, join Jirard for his PRGE panel as he talks about Completionist episodes, video games and whatever strikes his fancy.

YouTube Series Panel

Consoles 101: Console components explained with Ben Heckendorn

Speaker: Ben Heckendorn
Description: Join Ben Heckendorn as he opens some classic consoles live on stage and explains what certain components do as well as troubleshooting and repair techniques.

YouTube Series Panel

David Murray: The 8-Bit Guy

Speakers: David Murray
Description: Join David Murray, also known as The 8-Bit Guy as he shares his extensive knowledge of classic game systems, 8-bit computers and electronic music. David is ready for your questions on retro computer restoration, classic synthesizers and even how to "retrobright" your yellowed game and computer hardware.

Edutainment and More: The Intriguing World of Games for Non-Gamers

Speaker: Kelsey Lewin & John Hancock
Description: These are not your average gamer’s games! Throughout history, there have been all kinds of weird games and systems that are educational, corporate-focused, medically-focused, and beyond. Kelsey Lewin and John Hancock will take you through some of the most interesting and experimental of them, and talk about why they’re so important (yes, really!) to the world of gaming

Exploring The National Videogame Museum

Speaker: John Hardie, Sean Kelly, & Joe Santulli
Description: In 2016, the National Videogame Museum (NVM) opened in Frisco, Texas. This was the culmination of a dream for three friends, John Hardie, Joe Santulli and Sean Kelly. It was their decades of planning, research and accumulation of thousands of industry artifacts and memorabilia that made the museum possible. The NVM's mission of education ensures the history of the video game industry will be accessible to the public for years to come.

YouTube Series Panel

Game Collecting when you’re broke AF

Speakers: Kinsey Burke, Ian Ferguson, and Reggie Williams
Description: Ever see other peoples pick-ups on social media and think “MAN that must have cost a fortune! I can’t compete with that!”? Well know that game collecting isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon! Most of us have been collecting for YEARS and we still don’t have any complete collections, but that’s ok! Learn the basics of thrifting, garage sales, trades, and MORE from Kinsey, Ian, and Reggie!

Panel may contain mature language and subject matter. Attendee discretion is advised.

YouTube Series Panel

Game History and Preservation

Speaker: Ken Horowitz
Description: This panel discusses experiences researching the rich history of Sega to emphasize the need to document and preserve the greater history of video gaming overall. With the rise of popularity in retro gaming, there is a growing need for documenting and preserving the stories and efforts of developers, video game companies, and their software. The experience of documenting Sega, one of the gaming industry's legendary developers and publishers, may serve as an example of continued efforts by the gaming community to protect the legacy of our beloved hobby.

YouTube Series Panel

The Gaming Historian

Speaker: Norman "The Gaming Historian" Caruso
Description: Join Norman Caruso as he presents a live episode of his show. The topic is a mystery, but you are sure to learn something new. The panel concludes with a Q&A session.

Hidden Gaming Gems and the Evolution of Collecting

Speakers: Jeff Wittenhagen
Description: Join Jeff as his discusses his new book. Jeffrey from Hagen's Alley Books and VGBS Gaming Podcast is a video game author with 10 books published. He does everything ranging from comprehensive collector books to graphics books of personal stories and everything in between.

Hyperkin Presents: Working in the Retro Video Game Industry

Speakers: Terence Calacsan & Celia Schilling
Description: Hyperkin is a Los Angeles-based gaming hardware developer that specializes in making consoles and devices that allow gamers to relive their childhoods (RetroN 77, Hyperkin Duke, SupaBoy SFC, and SmartBoy). Hyperkin Public Relations Specialist, Terence Calacsan and Communications Specialist, Celia Schilling will give detailed hand accounts of what it's like to not only work in a niche industry, but in a company that's steadily making its mark as a unique and innovative developer. Swag and prizes to be given away during the panel!


Speakers: John Riggs & Jimmy Hapa
Description: Join import retro gaming fanatics John Riggs and Jimmy Hapa to learn how you can play classic video games from other countries at home with little to no modifying to your game systems. They'll give you import gaming tips and tricks, what it's like game shopping and where to shop in Japan and will tell you what import games can help you study Japanese.

Intellivision - A Legacy of Firsts!

Speakers: Blue Sky Rangers
Description: This exclusive Blue Sky Rangers panel will consist of never before heard Intellivision management as well as programmers and artists to discuss the revolutionary products and video game industry “firsts” they pioneered. Six of the biggest and brightest stars of the early 80’s era of video games will be together again for the first time! Panel includes: Gabriel Baum, Stephen Roney, Bill Fisher, David Warhol, Ray Kaestner, Karen Nugent, and moderator Paul Nurminen.

Intellivision Entertainment Keynote Address

Speakers: Tommy Tallarico
Description: Intellivision president Tommy Tallarico will be revealing extensive and exclusive details about the upcoming new Intellivision home video game console! Information to be revealed includes the name, logo and branding of the new console, the hardware specs (including the revolutionary new controller), launch date, price point, online capabilities, new & unique approach to doing business in the game industry, games available at launch, partners, publishers, game licenses, marketing strategy, developer relationships and game funding, technical specifications for game developer tools, the team and advisors behind Intellivision Entertainment, special guests, game industry supporters and backers… and much more… including a FIRST LOOK at what the new console and controllers will look like (3D renders only). Everyone attending will receive a special limited edition Intellivision/PRGE lanyard.

YouTube Series Panel

The Law v. Video Games

Speaker: Norman "The Gaming Historian" Caruso & Joey DeSena
Description: There has been no shortage of wacky video game lawsuits. From arguments over who owns King Kong's visage, to the court "punishing" Nintendo by forcing them into a brilliant marketing move involving $5 coupons - there are tons of them. Norman Caruso (The Gaming Historian) and Joey "Roo" DeSena (16-Bit Gems, The Way Games Work) pick some of their favorites and present how these legal decisions shaped the face of gaming as we know it today. Come and see if you agree with the finest legal minds of our time... and these two guys.

Pinball Series Panel

M&M Show - It Takes a Team to Build a Pinball

Speakers: Mark Guidarelli & Mike Vinikour
Description: Join Stern Pinball’s head of QA and Field Test Group, Mike Vinikour, and Senior Systems Engineer, Mark Guidarelli . They will be hosting a presentation and behind the scenes look at all of the development and testing that is involved in bringing Stern’s games to life. There are many people in addition to the playfield designer and lead programmer that breathe life into a pinball machine. Mike and Mark would like to highlight the supporting cast that powers the more well-known roles. Bring your questions for Q&A and win some swag.

YouTube Series Panel

Making New "Retro" Games for Classic Consoles and Modern Platforms with CollectorVision Games

Speakers: John Lester
Description: Join CollectorVision Games' Co-Owner John Lester aka Gamester81 as he discusses the process of making new games for classic consoles. CollectorVision Games has been around for ten years and has sold over 13,000 games including games for the Atari 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, TI-99/4A, NES, and SNES. John shares the process of creating a new game from the beginning to the end. In addition, get an exclusive PRGE look at CollectorVision Games' upcoming new Nintendo Switch title called Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan due out later this year.

YouTube Series Panel

Metal Jesus Rocks SUPER MEGA Panel!

Speakers: Jason "Metal Jesus Rocks" Lindsey, Kinsey Burke, "Radical" Reggie Williams, Kelsey Lewin, John Riggs, John Hancock and Drunken Master Paul
Description: With a mix of video game and personal questions, you won't want to miss this. Moderated by Drunken Master Paul.

Panel may contain mature language and subject matter. Attendee discretion is advised.

YouTube Series Panel

NES Home Brew Part I

Speakers: Paul Molloy
Description: In this two part series, Paul (Infinite NES Lives) will talk about the technical specifications of the NES console. He will start creating a home brew game, live on stage. There will also be a Q & A session.

YouTube Series Panel

NES Home Brew Part II

Speakers: Paul Molloy
Description: In the second part of the series, Paul (Infinite NES Lives) will talk about the technical specifications of the NES console. He will continue to add more to the game made in the first panel, by adding sound and graphic assets.

YouTube Series Panel

Normal Boots

Speaker: Jirard Khalil, Jared Knabenbauer, Peanut Butter Gamer and SpaceHamster
Description: What happens when the Normal Boots guys are in the same room together? We're not really sure, but it should not be a panel to miss!

Not for Resale: Documentary Preview w/ Kevin J. James & Pat Contri

Speaker: Kevin J. James & Pat Contri
Description: Preview and Q&A with director, Kevin James. Not For Resale is a new feature length video game store documentary about the mom-and-pop retail shops that still sell physical goods in the face of an increasingly digital marketplace. This film takes a snap-shot of the state of small business in America and the path forward with digital libraries.

Pac-Man Visual Evolution

Speaker: Tim Lapetino
Description: In this panel, Tim traces what makes the character so iconic and still recognizable, through so many iterations and changes in nearly 40 years. We also discuss the extended family, and what the design of the character and his marketing representations mean to popular culture.

YouTube Series Panel

Pat the NES Punk Panel & The Play the Punk Challenge

Speaker: Pat "the NES Punk" Contri
Description: The man behind Pat the NES Punk, the #CUPodcast, and Flea Market Madness is here! Join Pat Contri as he celebrates 10 years of the 'Punk' as well as talks about his current and future projects, discusses his new book, and shows off a video! Then stick around for the wacky and famous Play the Punk Challenge! Are you ready?

YouTube Series Panel

Peanut Butter Gamer and SpaceHamster

Speakers: Peanut Butter Gamer, Space Hamster
Description: PBG from NormalBoots.com and SpaceHamster from HiddenBlock.com will discuss their respective projects and answer questions from their fans. Seating will fill up fast to get to this one early.

PRGE's Annual Cosplay Contest

Description: All attendees are invited to come to PRGE in costume and enter the Cosplay Contest. Costumes do not have to be video game-related.

PRGE Live Video Game Collectibles Auction

Auction Hosts: Chuck Van Pelt, Rick Weis, Toby Wickwire and Jake Bichler
Description: For the 9th year, PRGE is proud to host a live video game collectibles auction. Taking place on Saturday evening, the auction has become one of the highlights of the Expo and has enjoyed a full house every time. Visit the PRGE Auction page for more information.

Panel may contain mature language and subject matter. Attendee discretion is advised.

YouTube Series Panel


Speaker: Jared "ProJared" Knabenbauer
Description: Join Jared for a Q & A session centered on his experiences with video gaming. Jared produces retro reviews, videos on the newest releases, comedic playthroughs and spotlights on overlooked indie games on his ProJared channel. His articulate monologues and professional editing make him one of the top gaming entertainers on YouTube.

Quake 2 Level Design

Speaker: Jennell Jaquays
Description: Game developer Jennell Jaquays discusses the level design process for the popular 90's game, Quake 2.

Question Block Trivia

Host: Nathan Martin
Description: The Question Block is a multi-media video game themed quiz, featuring graphic rounds, audio, and video questions from casual to hardcore games, lore and the industry. Host Nathan Martin will present a special version of the Question Block quiz at PRGE. All are welcome to play and there will be valuable prizes on the line!

Until then, you can join Nathan and Kinsey on the last Tuesday of every month in Kirkland, WA as teams compete for cash, prizes, and a chance to compete for the championship at the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo! More information about The Question Block Video Game Pub Quiz can be found at TheQuestionBlock.com.

Retro Game Audio

Speakers: Tommy Tallarico
Description: Join video game audio legend and Guinness World Record holder Tommy Tallarico explain the many challenges and secrets of creating audio for video games in the 80's & 90's.

Retrogame Roadshow: Your Gaming Treasures, On Stage!

Speakers: Chris Kohler, Steve Lin & Frank Cifaldi
Description: Everyone's favorite "what's my game worth?" panel is back again! Join host Chris Kohler and his panel of experts as they evaluate games, memorabilia, hardware, anything related to video games. We'll tell you why it's rare and desirable (or not!), try to put a price on it, and maybe even discover some amazing treasures that no one has ever seen before!

Have something you want to profile on the Roadshow?
If you’d like to have your items showcased on stage you can bring them to Chris Kohler in the exhibitor hall on Saturday to be evaluated for the Roadshow. Or you can opt to show up at the panel and find Chris before it starts to let him know you have an item. Attend the panel and they'll call you up on stage, time permitting!

Podcast Series Panel

The Retronauts: The History of FMV Games

Speakers: Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish
Description: Before video game hardware was capable of delivering photorealistic graphics, game developers did the next best thing: cleverly stitch together live-action or traditionally animated video segments to deceive their audience into thinking they were "playing a movie." On this live panel, join Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish of the Retronauts podcast as they examine the history of the inventive but not always playable world of full-motion video games.

Staying With Power: 35 Years of the NES and Its Games

Speakers: Frank Cifaldi
Description: The NES debuted in Japan 35 years ago, and quietly went away after its final game came out in 1994...or so the tale usually goes. Take a more global perspective and you'll see that not a year has gone by without a brand new NES game! Join Video Game History Foundation director Frank Cifaldi as we explore the weird, wild "post-mortem" years of the NES in the companion talk to this year's PRGE museum exhibition.

YouTube Series Panel

Stop Skeletons From Fighting

Speakers: Grace Kramer & Derek Alexander
Description: Nintendo has always pushed the boundaries of gaming software and hardware, but what about the stuff that’s just plain... weird? Grace and Derek from Stop Skeletons From Fighting tackle some of their favorite Nintendo peripherals like the N64 mouse (yes, that exists), the Nintendo GBA e-Reader, the GameCube GBA Link Cable and the N64 Expansion Pak. Come for the live demonstrations, stay for the celebration of the weird, ambitious and unnecessary!

Stories from Konami, Namco, Sega & More

Speakers: Jason Enos
Description: Join Jason as he tells stories from his time working at previous companies in the industry. Jason was originally hired by Tom Kalinski (Sega president in the early 90's) when he was 13 years old! Some games he was a producer on that you may have heard include Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Dance Dance Revolution and Silent Hill.

YouTube Series Panel

SupaPixelGirl Presents: Women in Gaming

Speakers: SupaPixelGirl, Kinsey Burke, TamashiiHiroka and Cheratomo
Description: SupaPixelGirl, a clinical psychologist and a retro gaming YouTuber, will be leading her panel on topics surrounding women in gaming. Special guests include TamashiiHiroka (Pokemon enthusiast and YouTube veteran with over half a million subscribers), Kinsey Burke (Game collector and Youtuber), and Cheratomo (Game developer of games such as Asagao Academy and Solstice). Come hear their experiences, find out who their video game husbandos are, and pick their brains

Technically Improbable!

Speakers: Ron Milner
Description: Technically Improbable! is a three part documentary series that attempts to answer the question of how high technology happened in and around Grass Valley, California, as well as explore its impacts on the world. The series is currently in production and is scheduled for release in late 2019.
Exclusive to Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018, attendees will get to see an early edit of a segment from this series pertaining to Cyan Engineering, Atari's Research and Development center. This segment has interviews with Al Alcorn, Steve Mayer, Ron Milner, and others on Cyan's history and legacy.
More information about the project can be found at our website: http://technicallyimprobable.com/

Podcast Series Panel

Uwe Boll Video Game Movies (Live Sequelcast 2 Podcast)

Speakers: Mat Bradley-Tschirgi
Description: Uwe Boll is infamous for boxing his movie critics into submission, but he’s also directed more video game movies than any other director. We take a rapid-fire look at his video game film adaptations from House of the Dead to Bloodrayne 3: The Third Reich. Filled with oddball dialogue, bizarre special effects, and subtle tie-ins for the games, this is one panel you can’t miss! Features an exclusive pre-recorded interview with Uwe Boll himself!

Watch Out For Fireballs

Speakers: Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross
Description: Watch Out For Fireballs (WOFF) is a well-subscribed retro gaming podcast featuring Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross. Join them for this live podcast from the Expo.

When Worlds (and Fists) Collide

Speakers: Steve Hendershot
Description: Join Steve as his discusses Street Fighter's unique legacy as a true east-meets-west, Japanese/Western hybrid.

Wisdom Tree! Bad Unlicensed Christian NES Games of the 90s

Speakers: Gabe Durnham
Description: In the beginning, a small unlicensed game development company was hit with divine inspiration: They could make a lot of money (and escape the wrath of Nintendo) by creating games for Christians. With the release of the 1990 NES platformer Bible Adventures, the developers saw what they had made, and it was good. Or, at least, good enough. Based on extensive research and original interviews with Wisdom Tree staff, Gabe Durham explores the rise and fall of the little company that almost could.