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Tickets still available at the door!

Didn't get presale ticket for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo? PRGE admission is available at the door! Proceed to admissions in room F149-F150 to buy passses.

Thanks and we'll see you at the Expo!

Neo Geo World Tour Tournaments

Neo Geo World Tour
Neo Geo World Tour

Neo Geo World Tour (NGWT) is a world tour authorized by SNK for most of the NEO GEO games, including but not limited to the famous THE KING OF FIGHTERS series, SAMURAI SPIRITS series, FATAL FURY series and METAL SLUG series. NGWT will hold no less than 16 official competitions each season and will also cooperate with local e-sports groups and game show organizers around the world to get more players to participate.

Neo Geo is bringing an off-season tournament for KOFXIII and KOF2002UM to Portland Retro Gaming Expo. It will be a great opportunity for fighters to train-up with other fellow KOF players in the area. Come by for a chance to win official merchandise!

The Neo Geo World Tour Tournament takes place in rooms D133-D134 on Saturday and Sunday of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Learn more about the Neo Geo World Tour at PRGE »

Ghostbusters at the Oregon Symphony

Recharge Station New for 2019

The Recharge Station can be found in rooms E147-E148
The Recharge Station can be found in rooms E147-E148.

PRGE is a huge event both in terms of activities and in physical area. Our attendees have asked for more space at the expo to relax and recharge and we read you loud and clear.

For 2019 we are introducing the Recharge Station: A quiet, 1,500 square foot room right off the main show floor with plenty of seating for relaxing and eating. This room will be open all hours that the Expo is open. And you can recharge your devices as well as your body: there will be power strips provided for charging your phones or portable game systems.

The Recharge Station is located in rooms E147-E148.

2019 Classic Tetris World Championships

Proud To Be Home of the CTWC

Classic Nintendo Tetris has quietly grown to dominate the retro eSports landscape. Competitors are lining up at qualifying events around the world for a chance to compete here in Portland, Oregon for the title of Classic Tetris World Champion. Last year's CTWC finals live stream made it to YouTube's trending feed and ultimately was broadcast on ESPN's "The Ocho".

The competition launched in 2010 during the filming of Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters to determine the world's greatest Tetris player. The first two years the competition was held in Los Angeles, California, but has since moved to he Portland Retro Gaming Expo and has been held there annually since 2012.

Any attendee of PRGE can play qualifying games on Saturday with the top 20 scoring players moving on to the bracketed finals on Sunday.

Learn more about the Classic Tetris World Championship at PRGE!

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

10 Player Steel Battalion on Original Xbox

Steel Battalion Controller
Experience 10-player networked Steel Battallion at PRGE!.

Steel Battalion is a video game created by Capcom for the origonal Xbox console where the player controls a "Vertical Tank" - a bipedal, heavily armed mecha. To control the tank and play the game requires the use of a large controller made specially for Steel Battalion. The controller has two control sticks and around 40 buttons. Only limited quantities were made available and these quickly sold out, making the game a collector's piece.

System Link

One seldom used feature of Steel Battalion is the ability to "system link" up to 10 Xbox consoles on a single LAN and have all 10 players compete on the same virtual playfield. This multi-player setup requires 10 Xbox consoles, 10 Steel Battalion game discs, 10 of the special Steel Battalion controllers with foot pedals and a 10-port LAN switch. All of which we will have set up to play at PRGE! That's can go head-to-head with 9 other mech pilots in our Steel Battalion Battle Arena.

Steel Battalion Game Counselors are here to help

It's not easy to pilot a mech on your first try which is why we will have Steel Battalion Game Counselors on hand to help train you to operate your vehicle on the field of battle. With the help of our volunteers, you will be dominating the field of battle in no time! Every console has all 30 mechs and 24 stages unlocked for maximum mecha goodness.

Compete and win

Anyone is welcome to come to the Epic Gaming Competitive Arena to try out the game. There will be tournament qualifiers on Steel Battalion open to all attendees on Friday from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM and finals on the main stage in Hall E on Saturday from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. At all other times Steel Battalion is open play.

We want YOU!

Are you already a Steel Battalion master or willing to learn? Volunteer to help train attendees to play and operate matches for at least one shift and you can get free admission to PRGE and a PRGE volunteer t-shirt. Email us for more info.

Learn more about the Steel Battalion Tournament!

Game On at the Oregon Symphony

PRGE Museum 30th Anniversary Extravaganza

Nintendo Gameboy 30th Anniversary

You want Gameboy games? We got 'em.

You into Sega Genesis? We got you covered, baby.

You want some Nintendo Game Counselors? Easy!

The PRGE museum presents professionally curated displays of video game collectibles and memorabilia highlighting the historical nature of the gaming industry.

2019 is a year of anniversaries with both the Nintendo Gameboy and the Sega Genesis celebrating their 30th birthdays. Most of this year's exhibits have never before been presented in at PRGE, including a full set of North American-released Sega Genesis games on display...over 700 titles!

Come by rooms D135-D136 on Saturday and Sunday to check out these amazing historical gaming artifacts, curated by our friends at the Video Game History Foundation.

Learn more »

Video Game Wizards

Admissions and Badge Pickup is moving

For 2019 attendees can pick up badges and purchase admission in rooms F149-F150.

PRGE Admissions and Badge Pickup can be found in rooms F149-F150
PRGE Admissions and Badge Pickup can be found in rooms F149-F150.

As part of the changes related to expanding the Portand Retro Gaming Expo for 2019 we have moved our ticket pickup and admissions counters to rooms F149-F150. Whether you have purchased tickets online or plan to purchase them at the event, please proceed to the Admissions counters first to get your event badge. Pre-purchasing your PRGE tickets online before the event is the only way to guarantee entry in case the event is filled to capacity.

PRGE volunteers should also proceed to the admissions counters to check in and receive your volunteer badge and shirt.

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Tournaments at PRGE for 2019

What's New for 2019?

  • The Classic Tetris World Championship has expanded, moving from the arcade to it's own room (D137-D140) and adding an additional day.
  • Gaming tournaments have their own space in rooms E145-E146, hosted by Epic Gaming. Includes network gameplay on Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube and 10-player Steel Battalion with real mech controllers!
  • All tournament finals will be played on our new main stage located in the arcade and streamed in realtime to the Epic Gaming Twitch channel.

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PRGE expands in 2019

PRGE is expanding in 2019, adding an additional 30,000 square feet of convention space bringing the total footage of the Expo to 150,000 square feet! As part of the expansion, we will be moving our panel rooms into the second floor Portland Ballroom space with more room for seating, better acoustics and easier queuing for attendees.

Our arcade has been bursting at the seams so we will be moving some of our tournament qualifiers and freeplay games to the lower meeting areas, freeing up more space in the Retrocade for a larger tournament finals stage, guest seating, and more arcade & pinball games. Additionally there will be space available to add more exhibitors than ever before.

We'd like to thank all of you for your loyal attendance over the years and for pushing us to make the event bigger and better. We listen to your feedback and push the boundaries of PRGE every year.

See how PRGE fits into the Oregon Convention Center in 2019 »

2019 Hotel List

Hotels offering a discount during the show this year have been updated.
Lodging Link

Game Over Arcade

Panel Videos are now online!

Panels Link
Along with the panel descriptions, video links to youtube are also available.

Best Volunteers in the Business!

At PRGE you will notice people with these awesome logos on the back of their shirts (right).

Who are these people? They are the 1-Ups: our awesome army of volunteers.

Feeling lost, confused, need directions to nearest castle or maybe want to show someone your latest score from a vendor? Find one of them, scattered throughout the show hall, and they will help you right away.

The show's staff would sincerely like to thank them with the utmost gratitude and sincerity. Plain and simple, the show would not work without them.


Learn about volunteering at PRGE »

Apply to be a PRGE 1-Up volunteer »

PRGE Celebrates 40 Years of Atari 2600!

On September 11, 1977, Atari released the Video Computer System (VCS) console, more commonly known today as the Atari 2600. It was slow to be accepted by consumers, selling less than a million units in 1977 and 1978 combined. Eventually Atari began to license popular arcade titles such as Taito's Space Invaders, driving sales to over 30 million units for the life of the console. Ultimately the Atari 2600 was sold from 1977 until 1992 and there were over 550 game titles created for the system.

Everyone who grew up in the 1980s remembers the iconic wood grain look of the Atari 2600 and the feel of its black rubberized joysticks. This was the console that showed the world that their television could be more than just a passive "boob tube". The 2600 ushered in a whole new industry that was unimaginable just a few years before. While Atari and the 2600 stumbled a few times in the early years, they ultimately lead to the start of a $100 billion industry that has more than doubled the revenue of the film industry.

We at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo recognize the contributions of the industrial designers, programmers and artists who brought this tenacious game console into the living rooms of the world. For the 40th anniversary of the Atari 2600 VCS, we have planned a special series of panels covering the hardware, games and history of the system. We are bringing industry experts and alumni from Atari and other third-party companies to share the rich history of the system with our attendees. In addition, we will have an arcade full of Atari 2600 systems that our guests can touch, play and enjoy throughout the weekend.

And we have a special surprise.

One of the most iconic things about Atari games was the incredible hand-painted artwork that was used on the game boxes and cartridges. While the games themselves were primitive due to the limitations of the technology, Atari used the package artwork to tell the story of each game and draw users into new worlds. The visual storytelling on the box allowed a few pixels to become a medieval knight or a blocky duck-looking thing to become a fierce dragon. One of the original artists behind the Atari package art is Steve Hendricks. He created the artwork behind such classic Atari 2600 titles as Defender, Haunted House and Warlords.

We were fortunate enough to host Steve at PRGE last year and he will be returning this year to hosting a panel discussing his time working for Atari. In addition, PRGE has commissioned Steve to create a new piece of custom art in the style of the original Atari package artwork to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 2600. His artwork, seen on the right, will be shared wth our attendees on our show badges, on the show program, on t-shirts and on special limited-edition die-cut posters designed to resemble point-of-sale posters for Atari 2600 games in the early eighties. Every attendee will get a badge and the programs are free with paid admission while supplies last. The t-shirts and posters will be for sale at the PRGE information booth in the arcade on the weekend of the Expo.

2017 will mark our 12th annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo. If there is any single game system that is most responsible for this event and its popularity, it's the Atari 2600. We've seen a lot of game consoles come and go during PRGE's lifetime, but there has always been the VCS. So we invite you to come down to the Oregon Convention Center and join us. Pull up a chair. Slap your favorite game into the cartridge slot, power up and hit reset. Before you know it, you'll be transported back in time to re-live the dawn of gaming.

History of PRGE Flyers, Badges & T-Shirts

PRGE 2009 T-shirt
T-Shirt from PRGE 2009

Over the past decade we have create a wide variety of marketing materials, shirts, badges and show programs for each of our events.

Visit our new PRGE museum page and look back at some of these materials we produced and learn about the history of the Northwest's largest retro gaming convention. See the evolution of the Expo as we moved to larger venues each year and enjoyed ever increasing attendance.

Portland Retro Gaming Expo Flyer, Badge and T-Shirt Archive

PRGE Countdown Clock:
2019 Show Hours: Friday, October 18
Arcade: 12:00 Noon to 10:00 PM
Saturday, October 19
Exhibitor Hall: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Arcade: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Sunday, October 20
Exhibitor Hall: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Arcade: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Detailed show schedule »


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