PRGE Game Tournaments for 2022

What's New For 2022?

  • The Classic Tetris World Championship has expanded, is back in the arcade this year.
  • We have a new Saturn Lounge in rooms D134-D133, hosted by Double Jump Events.
  • We are pleased to announce the Blockbuster World Video Game Championship which will be in rooms E145-E146

Tournaments at PRGE:

Killer Queen Tournament

Killer Queen Tournaments are happening in Hall E, in the Arcade.

Head to the arcade floor on Saturday and Sunday to watch the Killer Queen tournament! Teams of 5v5 battle it out over snails and berries in an in-person-only, nationally-beloved game that combines elements of Joust and Super Mario. Players from all over the US will be present in 12 different teams.

Tournament schedule:


  • 12-5pm: Group Stage
  • 6-10pm: Double-Elimination Bracket, Rounds 1-3


  • 12-5pm: Top 8 Elimination Bracket culminating in Tournament Finals