Expo Floorplan and Exhibitor Key

PRGE 2019 will be held in Halls D & E at the south end of the Oregon Convention Center. Click the images below to enlarge the PRGE 2019 exhibitor hall floorplans, or you can click the links below the maps to download in PDF format. Scroll down below the floorplans for the exhibitor key. The floorplans are subject to change

For more detail on the venue layout and the locations of elevators, ATMs and other facilities, there is an interactive map of the Oregon Convention Center is available on their web site. .

Maps below were most recently updated on 9/1/2019.

PRGE Floorplans

All floorplans are in PDF format:

See the list of PRGE exhibitors here »

PRGE 2019 First Floor Map

PRGE 2019 First Floor

PRGE 2019 Second Floor Map

PRGE 2019 Second Floor